Tankless Battery Backup systems:  Will be available locally and online very soon! Check back for updates or contact us at teachmehowe@gmail.com for more information about our revolutionary product!
Insights about Tankless Water Heaters and Battery Back up Systems in Times of Emergencies

> Gas tankless water heaters also require power to operate

> A tankless water heater will not allow water to flow through it when the power is off, and the majority of shower valves are pressure balanced, therefore not only will a homeowner not have hot water but will not be able to take a cold shower!

> Many home generators do not have the electrical outlet that controls the tankless water heater on the back up grid!

> During heavy storms, underground utilities such as gas and water are still supplied to the areas, therefore our backup system would supply you with a hot shower.

About Hugo 
> Hugo tankless battery backup systems provide an affordable way to  keep your hot water running when your power is not.   Great for coastline areas, prone thunderstorm areas and heavy snow areas that loose power often due to ice storms that damage powerlines. 

> Hugo is a compact unit that can mount right next to your existing tankless water heater and can be installed in minutes. Unlike other battery backup systems that offer only minutes of backup protection. Hugo can keep your system going for up to a week without power. 

> Hugo offers a no maintenance power solution that switches over immediately when there is a power outage. One less thing to worry about when the power is out! 

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